ITV looking for migrant self-made millionaires

Posted on March 20th, 2017

A TV production company making a documentary for ITV is looking for migrant self-made millionaires.

ITV Shiver has asked the Chamber if there are any migrant millionaire business people among its members who would be willing to have an informal chat about their success and how they achieved it.

The programme will focus on people who arrived in the UK with nothing but ambition.

The process will start with an informal chat with potential subjects.

Joanne Curtis, a researcher with ITV Shiver, said: "I'm particularly keen to find millionaires who migrated to the UK, people who have created a very successful and profitable company in a country they have moved to.

"I know that Leicester and Nottingham are very multicultural cities and have had high levels of migration and so I was hoping there may be some business success stories locally.

"I've been scouring the business titles and industry magazines for possible businesses and their founders. However, it's not always easy to find out how these businesses originally began.

"At the moment, my research is simply to try and find out what kind of enterprising business success stories might be out there. I'm happy to have a 'non-committal' chat with anyone who may want to find out a little more."

Anyone interested in being part of the programme should contact Joanne on 0207 157 4604 or email jan.utsivcmonecri@t.o

The Chamber is not involved in the making of this show, is not endorsing the programme nor the production company and will not be party to any agreement made between ITV or ITV Shiver and any company entering discussions with ITV or ITV Shiver whether or not that leads to appearing on this or any other show.