Music audit of East Midlands businesses launched

Posted on March 22nd, 2017

Businesses playing music for staff or customers could be breaking the law.

According to PRS for Music (the Performing Rights Society) any broadcast without a licence could be illegal.

Its agents are currently carrying out an audit of premises in the East Midlands, looking for those playing music for clients or staff and checking whether they have a licence.

Buying a PRS for Music licence helps firms legally use or play music.

PRS for Music represents more than 118,000 songwriter, composer and publisher members.

We help get you the clearances you need, enabling you to access the world's music in the most efficient way.

“When copyrighted music is played, performed or made available outside of personal use, the songwriter, composer or rights holder is entitled to royalties and it’s PRS for Music’s job to ensure these get paid. We do this by providing music licences to businesses that play music for customers, employees or both,” said a spokesman.

The cost of a licence to play music varies according to the nature of the business and its client base. Where music is played without a licence and a licence is sought after broadcast starts, PRS adds a 50% surcharge to the licence fee

For details of licence fees and how to apply visit